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Welcome to [Pocket Aqua]!

PocketAqua is a platform that uses cryptocurrency to buy and sell 6 different types of “Sea Creatures” between individuals.

“Each of the sea creatures have a holding period, interest rate and price appreciation rate, and each time you buy and sell, you will be able to sell them at a higher price than when you bought them.

“Sea creatures” are scarce because they are always profitable to buy and sell, and you must participate in a lottery in order to purchase them.

As the odds of winning are low (10-15%), many users will participate in the lottery for the “sea creatures”.

Only the winners will be given the right to purchase the “sea creatures” and will always be able to make a profit when they are sold!

So let's go and experience the charm of Pocket Aqua!

game flow

1. User registration


Please log in using the “Same email address as your PocketHash Gaming Wallet”.


If you use a different email address, it will not be synchronized with your GamingWallet.

2.Purchase Tickets


After logging in, go to the “Buy Tickets” page and purchase your tickets (raffle tickets).


If there is no balance in your wallet, you must make a deposit to GamingWallet.


1 ticket = $0.1


Minimum purchase quantity: 300 tickets and up (30 USDT)


Supported currencies: PHT, USDT, BTC, ETH

3.Character pre-order


Spend your purchased tickets and pre-order the character of your choice from among six different characters with different interest rates (character purchase rights).


You can reserve up to 10 characters per character.


The winning character must be purchased. Please reserve as much as you can afford.

4.Lottery (Matching)


After booking your character, a drawing will be held daily between 12pm and 5pm. Let’s wait for the results!

5.Announcement of Winners


When the lottery is over, the winning character will be reflected on the “Winning Results” page.


Winning ticket will be consumed. You have earned the right to purchase the character!


You will not be selected -> your ticket will be returned to you at the time of booking. Try the lottery again!

6.Purchase a character


Purchase your character from the ‘Winning Results’ page. Please remit the sales amount (USDT) shown on the page to the seller.


The remittance must be completed by midnight the next day. Failure to do so will result in penalties such as account lock.


Once the transfer is completed, the purchased character will be reflected in “My Aquarium”.


The remittance amount will be debited from USDT in your GamingWallet.

7.Character possession


Each character has a holding period, and when the holding period expires, the character can be sold.y


You can still pre-order characters during the holding period, so keep trying!

8. Character sales


Characters whose holdings have matured will be automatically matched with the next purchaser, and characters will be automatically sent to you after the purchaser confirms that they have received their money.


The sale price will be sold at an additional interest rate per character!